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The Sickla Lock

The Sickla Lock connects the salt sea of Stockholm with the two Nacka sweet water lakes Sicklasjön and Järlasjön.
In the 1910's and 1920's the level of Hammarby Lake (now salt sea of Stockholm) was lowered with approximately 5 meters, requiring a 5 meter high lock towards the Nacka lakes. The lock was finished in 1930 and served the Nacka industries by the Sickla and Järla lakes. 70 years later the projecting of a new 6-file motorway over Sickla Canal threatened the lock which now mostly was used by smaller private boats. But by constructing a new channel facility, including a new complementary lock, the lock (now two locks to be accurate) was reopened in 2003.
The lock is now operated by the non-profit Sickla Lock Association (Föreningen Sicklaslussen) and open during the summer season. Boat owners that would like to travel through the Sickla lock must 24 hours in advance notify the arrival on telephone +46 73 614 91 98 or +46 707991464.
Lock length / width: 25*5 meter   -    Minimum lock depth: 1,4 meter   -    Max height under bridges: 3 meter


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